Baikal Bingo

The first ICO where you are actualy increasing your investments

We aims to reward every contributor

Pre-sale starts in

Pre-sale will last for 24 hours


Token price:

0.000065 ETH

Min purchase:

500 BL



0 BL

Tokens available:

5,000,000 BL

Our Projects


A new promising investment project on the Ethereum blockchain, the Baikal Bingo token (BL) with yeild of up to 25% per month. The token can already be calculated and stored on wallets that supports the ERC20 standart. All payments and bets on our website are made for Baikal Bingo token.
A cryptocurency exchange on our website will be open soon. A multy-currency wallet, Baikal Wallet will also be created.
For all people, the chances should be equal, whether you bet a dollar or a million !!! We will be the best international crypto lottery in the next five years !!!

BAIKAL DeFi Wallet

Baikal Wallet is the multy-currency wallet, that supports dozens of of the most common and hottest cryptocurencies and various 3rd party fiat payment processors through its platform, allowing operators an easy and secure way to take on new currencies without the technical complexities of managing and securing various wallets


Our team is working on the creation of the BAIKAL DeFi payment system with zero fees on the Ethereum network. The token will move at the expense of general network fees. The development of this technology is in full swing.
All BAIKAL BINGO token holders will receive BAIKAL DeFi token in a ratio of 100 : 1. Total amount BAIKAL DeFi (BLD) = 10.000.000 Initial estimated price BLD = 0.02Eth

BAIKAL DeFi Payment

Baikal Payment can be useful not only for retail users of the platform, but also fo corporate clients. Any company can integrate this software for its needs: whether it be a fund, a crypto-exchange, of a company with ith own token. Various types of payments in cryptocurrency or processing can be realized using Baikal Payment. THere is also a referal program in the crypto card system. It's easy to make money selling cards using a multy-level affiliate program. It may be interesting for active internet users


Token holders




Registered Profiles

Token Details & Finance Allocation

General Information

Token name Baikal Bingo
Token symbol BL
Token standart ERC-20
Total token supply 1,000,000,000 BL
Token initial price 0.000075 ETH
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 5,000,000 USD

Baikal Bingo on Etherscan

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Tokens Allocation

  • Payment to holders: 50%
  • ICO: 25.5%
  • Team: 19.9%
  • Early Investors: 3%
  • Bounty: 1.2%
  • Advisors: 0.3%
  • NFT token: 0.000025%

Funds Allocation

  • Development of Baikal Bingo projects: 60%
  • Listing on exchanges: 20%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • The overall development: 10%


2020 Q3

Opening of Baikal Bingo website

Creation of Baikal BIngo token

2021 Q1

Token sale NFT

2021 Q2

Start of ICO campaing

Ending of site development

2021 Q2

Ending of ICO

Giveaway for investors

Public offering of Bl token on DEX

2021 Q3

Listing on Crex24 and Livecoin

2021 Q4

Listing on P2PB2B

Opening of currency exchange service on Baikal Bingo website

Public offering of BL on CoinMarketCap

Public offering of BL on CoinGecko and GitHub

2022 Q1

Creation of Baikal Wallet

Listing on YoBit

2022 Q2

Baikal DeFi token release

Baikal Payment release

ICO Stages

Tokens available on sale:

255,000,000 BL


More then 10,000,000 BL

Giveaway fund:

More then 825 ETH and 1,300,000 BL

Buy 500 BL and become a member of lottery

All unsold tokens will be distributed to investors within two years

Stage 1

Sale starts June 10, 2021
Sale ends June 25, 2021
Tokens available 35,000,000 BL
Token price 0.0001 ETH
Minimal purchase 500 (0.05 ETH)


First place 50 ETH
Second place 25 ETH
Third place 10 ETH
Last 20 places 10,000 BL

The prize drawing will take place after complition of the first stage of ICO. With the succsessful sale of 50% pf tokens within 3 days

Stage 2

Sale starts July 5, 2021
Sale ends July 25, 2021
Tokens available 75,000,000 BL
Token price 0.00015 ETH
Minimal purchase 500 (0.075 ETH)


First place 130 ETH
Second place 70 ETH
Third place 50 ETH
Last 20 places 25,000 BL

The prize drawing will take place after complition of the second stage of ICO. With the succsessful sale of 20% pf tokens within 3 days

Stage 3

Sale starts Aug. 5, 2021
Sale ends Aug. 25, 2021
Tokens available 140,000,000 BL
Token price 0.0002 ETH
Minimal purchase 500 (0.1 ETH)


First place 250 ETH
Second place 150 ETH
Third place 100 ETH
Last 20 places 30,000 BL

The prize drawing will take place after complition of the third stage of ICO. With the succsessful sale of 10% pf tokens within 3 days

Investment Plans

30 million tokens for early investors at a price of 0.000075!!!

A compound interest is paid on the 1st of each month to the adress on whicl BL token.


Starts after purchasing of 1,000 BL

4% per month

Buy Tokens


Starts after purchasing of 2,500 BL

9% per month

Buy Tokens


Starts after purchasing of 5,000 BL

20% per month

Buy Tokens


Starts after purchasing of 10,000 BL

22% per month

Buy Tokens


Starts after purchasing of 20,000 BL

25% per month

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Referal Program


Registreing and verifing account 150 BL
Invitaton of contributor 35 BL
Line 1 5% ETH
Line 2 2% ETH
Line 3 1% ETH


You get fixed amount of bonus tokens for each referral invested in ICO. This bonus depends of referall line, for example: your referral invested 0.5 ETH and located at first line, therefore you will get 5% of this sum, which equal to 0.0025 ETH.

Referal program rulse can be changed by Baikal Bingo at any time. The benefits offert to the referred users and the corresponding referrer payout will be determined by the terms of the Referal Pgoram effective at the time when the referred users registeres on Baikal Bingo.

Baikal Bingo will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out referal commisions on these accounts.

Baikal Bingo reserves the right to change the termes of Referal Program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud or any other factors we deem relevant.

By participating in the Baikal Bingo Referal Program you agree to adibe by all the terms and conditions in our Affiliate Agreement.